Website re-design, build & Digital Strategist
Project Overview
A long term client, Logic Manufacturing needed a website refresh in 2021. As Digital Strategist for Logic, it made sense for me to re-design and build the new site so that the company would have complete control moving forward.

This particular site is built on the Webflow platform and as with all Webflow hosted sites, Logic can easily be edited in future by the client themselves via a browser login. These updates can include re-wording of sections, replacing or adding new images and of course product updates.
My Contribution
As with the majority of my website projects, the new plantART website was built on the Webflow platform. This is my preferred platform as it allows the greatest flexibility whilst retaining powerful performance advantages - These sites are QUICK!

This particular website is deceptively simple, and features a bespoke Logic navigation that required a lot of cross-referencing. This uses Webflow's powerful CMS (Content Management System) to achieve the end result.

As with all of my sites, I also ensured that Search Engine Optimisation was undertaken before launch and that existing external links would reach a relevant page on the new website.

I have also produced a number of brochures, adverts (both digital and traditional), photographs and videos for Logic. A typical brochure can be seen below along with an example of a recent video I made for them.

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Logic brochure design for print & online

video for Logic

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